Should I Choose a .com or Domain Name?

Both are completely valid web addresses, but if you have the choice, aside from obtaining both, we generally recommend to obtain the .com address.

While there are many reasons to both lines of thought, a key point when people are typing in your web address, but can’t remember the address suffix, they will typically a .com to the address (watch what people type when they type it in, 9/10 will add .com).

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Domain Names

Domain Names

Why Is A Good Domain Name Important?

Your domain name and associated website are the focal point of your company's online presence.

Your domain name address is the first introduction to your website and business or organisation. An appropriate domain name can really help people and, very importantly, search engines too, in understanding what your business, company or organisation is all about.

Help Choosing a Domain Name

Scotland Web Design has many years experience helping and assisting businesses and people in securing domain names.

From researching and recommending domain names which are most suited to you or yoru organisation, we can help you in registering and managing those domain names.

Business E-mail Addresses with Domain Names

A business e-mail address associated with your domain name reinforces your company's image. It provides a focal point for customers or clients and reassures them that they are talking to the right people.

If it is simple, descriptive and easy to remember, it will make life a lot easier for you and your customers - especially as you say it thousands of times in the coming years.

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